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Cold Storage Installation in Delhi

Cold rooms are the solution to every problem related to keeping food items cool for a long time and keeping them consumable too. We can make sure that the food stays undamaged and keep upgrading our refrigerating systems.

Our experts can make additions to the cold rooms in the form of new shelves that can be rotated if need be. They also make the cool rooms secure so that no one can gain unauthorized access to these refrigeration chambers. Cool rooms also come with the facility of replacing items easily.

We also make it easier for you to see how much you will be saving by shaking hands with us as transparency is key. We take care of all sorts of cold storage installation in Delhi.

Why Choose HC Cooling For Cold Room Service in Delhi?

HC Cooling gives you the freedom to customise your cold room in any way you see fit, rest assured that we will hold up our end of the deal and give you the liberty of turning your cool room ideas into a reality.

You can rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned to make sure your cold rooms are both effective in performance and in saving energy. We can help you make a cold room from scratch or help you upgrade the existing one. Our cold room service in Delhi caters to the needs of all the people in the area and its vicinity.

• Our team consists of technicians who have had professional training and years of extensive experience in designing, installing, and the maintenance of commercially used refrigeration systems. Their practical experience helps them stand out.

• We offer services even after designing the cold rooms and cater to the demands of our clients whenever they need them. We are at their disposal 24/7. Emergency repairs are also a part of the many services we offer. If you want to look for repair services, simply type ‘Cold storage near me’ and choose from the range of results.

Why are essential repairs and regular maintenance required for cold room service?

Maintenance is important for any cool room to function. With the growing demand for these enclosures, it is only normal that they are evolving by the day and will continue to do so. They need to be checked regularly so that they are functioning satisfactorily. Do not allow water to stick to the floors or walls of the cool room as they can freeze and make the chamber hazardous.

How Does a Cold Room Repair Service Work?

Cold rooms make use of condensers, fans, and evaporators for maintaining the temperature of the chamber. A compressor in a cold room raises the temperature of the same and the pressure of the vapour leaving the evaporator.

Get A Cold Room In Your Area NOW

If you want to make the most of cool rooms and make a killing with the savings

Then look no further as despite being based in Shaheen Bagh and Delhi, we cater to orders made from Lajpat Nagar, Hauz Khas, Jasola and areas beyond these.

We try our best to keep the deterioration of perishable items at bay and prevent the growth of bacteria to ensure durability.

Cold rooms are excellent agents of insulation and therefore we can help you make handsome savings.

We have demonstrated our expertise to many companies and we intend to keep coming up with innovative ideas to keep evolving.


1.What is a cold room?

Regardless of whether you notice any issues in the ac unit or not, it’s recommended to get the split ac checked every once a year. Getting annual ac service in Delhi will ensure that your ac unit is in the best working condition and offer efficient cooling throughout the summer months. Seasonal or periodic maintenance is suggested to remove impurities, boost performance, and lower energy bills. The best period to have your ac unit checked is in the Spring.

2.Why should I install a cold room?

Apart from keeping perishable items usable for longer periods, cold rooms have ventilation systems for keeping the enclosure clean. In addition to this, they have a high ROI for keeping food fresh in restaurants which is always a win with the customers. Cold rooms are easily accessible to people who are in charge of the same and customizations can also be made. Cold rooms do away with extra additional cooling apparatus.

3.What are the benefits of using an HC Cooling cold room installation service?

Cold rooms have multiple benefits such as keeping the deterioration of food at bay. These rooms alert the people in charge when the quality of the items takes a plummet. Cold rooms are energy efficient and are highly effective in saving significant amounts of money. They are also very easy to clean and with the availability of emergency repairs, the cold rooms can be maintained without hassles.

4.How do I get a quote for a new cooling system?

To get a quote, simply get in touch with HC Cooling System. You can also send us an email to the address provided on the website. We have been around for quite a while to know the cooling business and we assure you that there are no hidden fees involved. We will design a refrigeration room according to your preferences with a touch of our expertise. Our cold room service in Delhi is committed to giving you the best.

5.How do you maintain a cold storage room?

The surfaces of a cold room need to be kept clean at all times. A cloth dipped in warm water can be used to clean the surfaces. Vacuum cleaners can also be effective against dirt. It is essential that cold rooms are always dry. Special cold room cleaners are also available in the market.

6.Can a cold room be moved once it’s installed?

Usually no. They are installed by experts and if the need arises, they can be contacted to get the job done. Modular cold rooms can be moved. Modular cool rooms are also called walk-in cool rooms. The units present in a cold room are not mobile and the experts need to be present at the new spot for putting the chamber together. We, at HC Cooling, are more than prepared to carry out cold storage installation in Delhi.

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