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Get Quality AC Repair Service in Delhi | 3 Month Guarantee

If you've been living in the boiling summers of Delhi, and experienced a faulty AC situation - then you would know that it's unbearable!

We have seen family members and friends struggling with faulty AC -- leaving them stuck in an annoyingly hot situation! But don't worry!

Our AC repairing service will fix your suffering (almost) instantly so you can finally enjoy a care-free summer with your family.

At HC Cooling System, we repair ACs in all sectors of Delhi.

It doesn't matter if you are living in Hauz Khas, Saket, Lajpat Nagar, Jasola, Shaheen Bagh or Batla House. We provide affordable, fast and high-quality service at your place on-time!

Forever At Your Service!

If your air conditioner stops working, you’re going to have a very uncomfortable time. In addition, if your unit starts leaking or breaks down completely, it can cause significant damage to the rest of your house

That's why choosing a credible conditioner repair service is so important. He'll get to the core of the issue to provide you with permanent solutions.

Here's what we are offering:

  • 24/7 Fast AC Repair Services
  • Free Estimates & Consultations
  • Licensed Technicians
  • 3-Month warranty on every repair service

When your air conditioner stops working, it may feel like a crisis. What should you do? Where should you go? Which AC repair service is best?

The first step in finding the right repair service is knowing what to look for. The above listed offers are the industry-best to get your cooling systems up and running again as soon as possible.

4 Types of AC Repair Services You Can Ask For

If you are having issues with your air conditioning, you might be wondering what type of AC repair service to ask for. It is helpful to understand the different types of AC repair services available so that you can more easily narrow down the options.

Deep clean AC service (Window/Split)

Our expert technicians will ensure your system is clean from top to bottom, so you can rest assured that it will be working at peak performance for years to come.

AC gas leak fixing & refill

AC gas leak repair is a common problem that can be fixed by a professional.

The first thing you need to do is find out where the leak is coming from.

The second step is repairing or replacing any damaged parts of your system that may have caused the leak in the first place.

After repairing any areas of damage, we recommend a final inspection before you turn on your unit again. This will ensure that everything has been fixed properly and there are no leaks in future months or years!

Ductable AC Repair

We will help you get your ductable AC back up and running in no time. You won't regret hiring us.

Cassette AC Repair

Cassette AC repair service can help to protect you against additional costly repairs and unnecessary energy bills.

VRV & VRF Ac repair service

If you have experienced any complications with your VRV or VRF system, you can be sure that our trained technicians will arrive ready to provide you with high-quality repairs.

Tower AC Repair

If your Tower AC isn't working properly, then hire our professionals to fix it! We are based in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi and we guarantee our work. Nobody else can give you a faster or more thorough service for the same price.

Regular Maintenance

Our technicians will inspect all the parts of your system and make sure everything is working properly. If anything needs replacing or repairing, they'll do it at no extra charge!

Emergency Repairs

Of course, sometimes things happen unexpectedly—like when your kids decide to go swimming in their pool while wearing flip flops, causing their shoes

Why Choose HC Cooling to service your AC?

Do you want your AC running like running like a dream? Who doesn't, right?

Who wants it blowing hot air like a heater, right?

Not only is this inconvenient, but it's costing you money. You may find yourself wanting to call just anyone to come fix your problem, but what do you do if they don't know what they are doing?

You need someone who specializes in HC Cooling repair services. This means calling an AC repair service like ours!

Our repair service is affordable, and our technicians are experienced.

  • 24/7 Fast AC Repair Services
  • 3-Month Warranty
  • Emergency Service
  • Affordable
  • Expert technicians

We're the only company you'll need to deal with your AC problems.

Reasons Your AC is Not Cooling

Is your air conditioner not working?

If you're wondering why, there are a few things to consider. Here are some of the most common reasons why your AC might be struggling to keep up with the summer heat:

  • You need a tune-up. An annual tune-up is essential to keeping your AC running at its best, and can help eliminate many common problems before they become a problem.
  • Your thermostat is set too high. If you have an old or faulty thermostat, it may not be able to accurately tell the temperature of your home and adjust accordingly.
  • Your filter is dirty or clogged up with dust and debris. This can reduce airflow through your system and make it harder for cool air to circulate throughout your home.
  • Your unit is leaking refrigerant gas, which makes it work harder than necessary and even increases energy costs over time.


The AC is a vital component of the home and any problem with it can make you break sweat. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can cause serious health issues if not taken care of on time.

And let's be honest, there are many people in your neighborhood who will offer you the same service. But there is a difference between them and us-

we educate you so that your next repair task can be done by yourself instead of calling AC repair service in the future,

But remember,

Most problems in an AC can only be solved by an experienced technician who knows exactly what to look for when something goes wrong.

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