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What Are The Common Problems Of Split Ac?

As one of the most dreaded seasons in India, summer does demand proper split ac service and maintenance before the spells of heatwave rise. A well-functioning air conditioner is a need for every household or commercial space to ditch the hot and humid weather outside. However, much like any electronic item, the ac unit can encounter sudden breakdowns, damage, or faults.

So, it’s essential to keep the unit in check and get serviced regularly to avoid unanticipated smash-ups or breakdowns. Here are some common problems of split ac that may require you to avail of our professional ac services.

  • Hot airflow or poor cooling
  • Glitches in the thermostat
  • Low refrigerant gas
  • Fault in the swing mechanism
  • Ice build-up on the evaporator coil
  • Abrupt switch on & off of the ac unit
  • Sudden shutdown
  • Foul smell from the air blower
  • Clogged air filter
  • Damaged outdoor unit
  • A defective compressor that shuts frequently
  • Disturbing noise from the ac unit

In case you’ve observed any of the above-listed problems in your split ac, connect with HC Cooling for immediate servicing and repairs. Doing so will assure that your system functions optimally and last for years without major replacements.

Why Split Air Conditioning Services Are Important?

Since we are heavily reliant on air conditioners during the summer months, proper split ac installation and maintenance are essential to keep the system running. Prolonged use of the ac can exhaust its parts and lead to sudden failure or issues like low cooling, hot airflow, etc.

Inefficient cooling or complete breakdown of the ac unit is the last thing you’d want during the scorching summer days, isn’t it? Hence, it’s important to get regular split air conditioning services to avoid such abrupt issues. You can keep your ac well-maintained and ditch hefty repair expenses by getting it serviced regularly. A few other important reasons for getting professional split ac service are enlisted below:

  • Clean & Fresh air
  • Extended lifespan of the unit
  • Minimize the risk of major breakdowns
  • Cost-saving in the longrun
  • Reduced carbon footprints
  • Stay compliant with the warranty requirements

Why Choose HC Cooling For Split Ac Repair And Installation Service In Delhi?

Apparently, air conditioners are one of the most essential home appliances that have become a necessity in modern times. Regular ac servicing is important to ensure its optimal working condition. However, it’s vital to hire professionals who have expertise in servicing and repair works of different ac units.

At HC Cooling, our technicians and other team members are skilled and equipped with the latest tools to carry out all kinds of ac service in Delhi. Our commitment to on-time service delivery, customer-centric approach, and professional integrity have made us one of the best ac service providers that offer genuine split ac service charges.

Trained workforce - Our in-house team is highly trained and has the knowledge and skills to service and repair all kinds of air conditioners with the utmost proficiency.

Professionalism - Professionalism and excellent service quality are what has made us one of the best ac service providers. Our team strives to address all customer requests instantly with a solution-oriented approach.

Service warranty - We are committed to offering excellent services to our customers and keeping them satisfied with a 3-month service warranty. In case, our technician fails to resolve your issues, you can re-avail our expert services within 90 days of the service warranty.

Affordable Split Ac Service Charges

Unlike other ac service providers, we do not charge unreasonably for our expert and professional services. With no compromise on the proficiency of work delivered, we maintain to stick to an affordable pricing model that caters to a larger group of customers in Delhi.

Be it standard servicing, repairs, or split ac gas filling charges, we charge the most affordable rates for premium-quality services. Our technicians have over 10+ years of experience in repairing and servicing different ac units. That’s not it, all our services come with a 3-month warranty to assure that our clients get the best value for the money spent on our services.


How often should I get my Split AC checked?

Regardless of whether you notice any issues in the ac unit or not, it’s recommended to get the split ac checked every once a year. Getting annual ac service in Delhi will ensure that your ac unit is in the best working condition and offer efficient cooling throughout the summer months. Seasonal or periodic maintenance is suggested to remove impurities, boost performance, and lower energy bills. The best period to have your ac unit checked is in the Spring.

When should I clean my Split AC filters?

Cleaning or replacement of the split ac filters depends on how frequently they are used. During the cooling season, the ac filters should be cleaned once every month or two to ensure fresh and cool airflow from the blower. In case the ac is in constant use, the filters should be cleaned every month. Moreover, if the ac is subjected to dust or has furry pets in the room, it should be cleaned more often.

What will happen if I ignore my Split air conditioner service?

Ignoring the routine split air conditioner service can lead to the deteriorating performance of the unit and subsequent damage in the longrun. Overuse of the ac can lead to low refrigerant gas, taking longer to cool. Increased energy consumption and reduced efficiency impact the expected lifespan of the unit and require replacement. Hence, it’s important to avail of regular split ac service to avoid these issues.

Does low airflow from Split Air conditioner mean trouble?

Yes! Low airflow from the split air conditioner is indicative of a number of issues in the unit including clogged filters, blocked ducts, stuck wheels, damaged evaporator coils, low refrigerant gas, etc. All these are common issues that may restrict the blower fan from blowing sufficient cool air. If you’re observing a low airflow from the split ac, connect with professionals like us. Our technicians will inspect your ac unit at fair split ac service charges.

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